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Support Ron Paul's Health Freedom Protection Act

Support Ron Paul's Health Freedom Protection Act

Tell Your Congressmen and Women to Co Sponsor the Health Freedom Protection Act, H.R. 2117

The FDA is on a rampage against dietary supplements. Preventing reasonable and factual health claims, the FDA is using its immense power to fuel the pharmaceutical profit picture at the expense of the lives and health of hundreds of thousands of Americans each year. The rights of Americans to learn about natural products through truthful, science-based health claims is routinely stifled to the detriment of health and health freedom in the United States.

This bill shifts the burden of proof onto the FDA whenever the agency wants to deny the public the benefit of health claims information about Dietary Supplements.

H. R. 2117 allows reasonable health claims, with proper disclosure language, "unless the Secretary determines that -- `(i) there is no scientific evidence that supports the claim; and `(ii) the claim is inherently misleading and incapable of being rendered non misleading through the addition of a disclaimer." Thus, even "a scintilla" of scientific evidence would allow the making of claims that Dietary Supplements may be of benefit to individuals. The requirements of the bill are consistent with the law that already governs the agency's position, announced in 2004, "FDA intends to apply a standard for substantiating claims for dietary supplements that is consistent with the Federal Trade Commission's (FTC's) standard for dietary supplements and other health related products of 'competent and reliable scientific evidence'."

Current FDA policy, in violation of US Case Law, is to deny truthful claims which do not relate to either structure or function. All other truthful health claims are currently forbidden by the FDA. This bill would greatly enhance public access to truthful and
not misleading health information, in keeping with the US Supreme Court's dictum in Thompson v. Western States Medical Centers and presents a clear opportunity to enhance legal
protections for Dietary Supplements and natural remedies.

Urge your Congressmen/women to press for passage of H. R. 2117 and to introduce sister legislation into the Senate. This Health over-regulation of safe food substances to what should properly be considered their main task, protecting people from dangerous drugs and medical devices.

Please use this opportunity to encourage your Representatives to work with other congresspeople to join as cosponsors and your Senators to introduce sister legislation and get behind the Health Freedom Protection Act.

Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima

Rima E. Laibow, MD

Medical Director