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Black Salve may help stop cancer

Black Salve may help stop cancer


  • Skin Cancers, and Malignant Growths
  • Prevent Tumorous Cells from Multiplying
  • Prostate and Colon Cancers
  • Breast Cancers
  • As a Cancer Preventative
  • Skin problems, such as Tumors, Viral Moles, and Warts
  • Boost the Immune System
  • Viral Disorders and Internal Growths
  • Detoxify the blood & body by inducing oxygen into the system

For many years Black Salve products have been used to help malignancies, not only in humans but also in animals. The above are but some of the uses for these products.

Why Choose TriHerba Black Salve
And Black Tonic Over Other Salves?

Please Note: For those of you who are familiar with TriHerba Black Salve and Black Tonic, you are already well aware of it's cancer healing power. For those of you who have used other salves, you should be aware that the TriHerba Product Line utilizes the original formula. We believe it to be superior over other brands on the market. Thank-you, Smart Health Center Staff.

Testimonial: I cannot rave enough about TriHerba Salve. Within one week it removed numerous skin malignancies - DC Edmonds, WA

Testimonial: I've had cancer of the colon. I know for a fact that TriHerba Tonic has slowed down the growth. X-rays revealed this. I can't praise TriHerba Products enough - H.M. Sheridan, WY

Here are some other uses for TriHerba Black Salve and Black Tonic:

  • To prevent early Viral Diseases in animals
  • To treat abnormal tissue growths in various animals
  • To remove plaque from teeth and diseases from the gums
  • To treat sarcoids on horses
  • For Yeast Infections (Candida) in women

If You Have Cancer Or Are At Risk
TriHerba Natural Herbs & Minerals Can Help!

What Is TriHerba Black Salve And Black Tonic?

Black Salve and Black Tonic contain natural herbs and enzymes known to neutralize carcinogens prior to their stimulating any tumor growth and preventing tumorous cells from multiplying once they have started.

How Does TriHerba Black Salve And Black Tonic Work?

Black Tonic is taken internally for virus related disorders and internal growths and works directly on the immune system acting as both a preventative and an immune booster. It generates purification of both blood and the body by inducing oxygen into the system and affected areas, thus helping to ward off any viruses or malignant growths both internally and externally. It appears that the herbs have the ability to remove unnatural and foreign substances from the body.

Testimonials reveal that Black Salve works effectively when applied topically on areas malignant, toxic or virus related. Sometimes it will turn red around the area of the tumor, mole, wart or sore, of whatever is being treated. This is a normal process and in the center it will be a whitish gray color, this means the salve is working. The salve penetrates and travels the area to its roots, killing all foreign matter and drawing it out. Sometimes the infected core itself will come out in one piece, or it may slough off on the bandage. It works differently on different types of malignancies, virus types or skin problems.

It has also been known to alleviate yeast infection (Candidas) in women, remove plaque from teeth and diseases from gums, and help alleviate colon problems.

Ingredients and Sizes:

The ingredients in the TriHerba Black Salve are as follows: Sheep Sorrel, Red Clover, Bloodroot, Chaparral, Graviola, Galangal, Zinc Chloride, Pine Tar, Emulsifying Wax, DMSO, Wintergreen Oil, Stearic Acid, Polysorbate 20, Glycerin, Olive Oil, Charcoal and Purified Water.

The ingredients in the The TriHerba Black Tonic are as follows: Sheep Sorrel, Red Clover, Graviola, Galangal, Bloodroot, Chaparral, Zinc Gluconate, 36% Alcohol and Purified Water.

These products are produced by a Canadian manufacturer that meets all the Health Canada Standards and the Food and Drug Administration's Good Manufacturing Practices.

TriHerba Black Salve is intended for external use and is available in a 1.3oz/40ml jar. For convenience, we also produce TriHerba Black Tonic for internal use which is available in a 3.4oz/100ml bottle. Many people use both products simultaneously depending on what the ailment is. Instructions for each or both are always shipped with product orders.


TriHerba Original Black Salves has 30% more product packed
inside each container vs other salves on the market!

1.3 oz Black Salve: $69.97 / 3.4 oz Black Tonic: $69.97


All orders are in Canadian Funds and shipped within 48hrs, 
excluding weekends and holidays, and come with a 30 day 
100% money back satisfaction guarantee on unopened product; 
minus shipping & handling, and a 10% restocking fee.


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