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Term Definition

Respiratory Care Practictioner.


Registered Nurse.


Registered Physical Therapist

Radiation Therapy

Is usually treatment with ionizing radiation, inculding Rotentgen rays, radium, or other radioactive substances.


1.  A group of atoms acting as a single unit, passing without change from one compound to another, but not able to exist in a free state. 2.  Anything that reaches the root or origin; original. 3.  Radical surgery is that surgery in which large amounts of tissue or bone are removed.


Rad is an abbreviation for radiation absorbed does.  It is a unit of measure used in calculating how much radiation a body part will recieve.


Is a natural healing technique based on the belief that there are reflexes in the feet and hands that correspond to every part of the body.  Reflexology therefore applies pressure to the feet or hands to increase circulation and enhance specific bodily and muscular functions.

Reiki Therapy

Is a Japanese technique that uses gentle touch to creat balance, increase well-being, reduce stress, induce relaxation, and support healing.


1. Pert. to the kidney. 2.  Shaped like a kidney.


Cut off or cut out of portion of a structure or organ, as to cut off the end of a bone or remove a segment  of the intestine.


A red blood cell containing a network of granules or filaments representing an immature stage in developement.


A network.


Cancer arising from muscle tissue which appears rod-shaped under a microscope.

Rife Microscope

Developed by Dr. Royal Rife, enabled him to see harmful cells destroyed.

Rife Wave Therapy

Is the use of ultrasound frequencies to dissolve and kill cancer cells so that normal, healthy cells and tissues are not harmed.


Is a form of deep muscle body work developed by the late Dr. Ida Rolf.