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Doctor of Optomentry


Oriental Medicine Doctor.


Concerning the back of the head.

Oncolytic Viruses

Are human cancer-killing viruses that infect and replicate in cancer cells, destroying the cancer cells ad leaving normal cells largely unaffected.  Use of these viruses in the treatment of cancer in known as virotherapy.


Uses freeze-dried substances exctracted from healthy animal tissues or organs to treat disease and regulate body functions.


Mouth, entrance, or outlet to any aperture.

Orthomolecular Therapy

Is the prescription of large doses of vitamins and minerals to treat individuals at a biochemical level.  The goal of the therapy is to supply the body with optimum amounts of nutrients-tailored to fit the individual-and thus restore or maintain optimum health.


Refers to the osteoblast, a cell which is involved in forming bones.


Is a school of healing that teaches that the body is a vital mechanical organism whose structural and functional integrity are coordinated and interependent, and that the abnormality of either constitutes disease.  Its major contribution to treatment is manipulation.


That is designated for medical use is made by causing medically pure oxygen to flow over electrically charged surfaces.  It is used mainly in three ways.  One is to flow ozone gas over open lesions such as diabetic gangrene on feet, hands, arms or legs.  The ozone often eliminates any need for amputation of the extremity by destroying infections and promoting normal healing.  Intravenous injections of ozone directly into the blood stream is another means of using ozone.  The tiny bubbles formed when the ozone-oxygen is slowly injected through a fine needle are quickly dissolved into the blood stream.  The third way is for ozone-oxygen to be introduced into the colon of adults.  Ozone may help destroy parasites and bacteria throughout the colon.

Ozone Steam Detox (OSD)

Is the use of ozone and steam in combination to increase production of white blood cells, including weight loss, improve cardiovascular function, and remove chemicals and heavy metals from the body.

Ozone Therapy

Aids the bodys immune system, enhances cellular function, improves metabolism, and fights the aging process.