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Master of Arts.


Master of Acupuncture.


Doctor of Medicine.


Master Herbalist.


Master of Science.


Master of Science in Nursing.


Master of Social Work.


Doctor of Medicinal Science.


Is a lifestyle and diet adapted from the Far East and made known in America by Michio Kushi.  The principles of the diet consist of balancing the yin and yang energies of food and.  In brief, yin foods, such as water, are expansive, while yang foods, such as salt or meat, are constrictive.  For the most part, the diet consists of whole grain cereals, millet, rice, soups, and vegetable dishes, with beans and supplementary foods depending on the individual and the condition.  Different types of cancers are considered either yin or yang, and the macrobiotic program must be adapted to each individual.

Mammosite Therapy

Is a method of partial breast irradiation that works by delivering radiation from inside the breast directly to the tissues that surrounded the orginal tumor.  It is used following removal of the tumor by surgery.


An X-ray picture of the breast.

Mastectomy (Radical)

Removal of a breast and the muscles underneath the breast down to the chest wall; also includes the removal of the lymph nodes under the arm.


1. Pert. to middle. 2. Near the medial plane.


Rel. to the mediastinum.


1.  A septum or cavity between two principal portions of an organ. 2.  The folds of the pleura and intervening space between the right and left lung. 3.  The area between the right and left lung.


A malignant, pigmented mole or tumor.  The most serious skin cancer.


1.  A peritoneal fold, encircling the greater part of the small intestines and connecting the intestine to the post-abdominal wall. 2.  A thin fold of flesh that holds the gut in place at the back of the abdomen.


A relatively rare tumor derived from mesonephric cells developing in reproductive organs, esp. ovary or genital tract.  Mesonephric cells refer to cells in the embryo (the unborn child) which will later become part of the reproductive system.


Tumor (cancer) starting in the lining of a body cavity.


Pert.  to metabolism.  Metabolism is the sum of all phyisical and chemical changes that take place within the body; all energy and material changes that occur within the cells.  It includes both the use, and the breakdown and elimination, of materials by the body.

Metabolic Therapy

Usually consists of daily doses of amydalin (laetrile), enzymes, and vitamin-mineral supplements.  A diet is ofen recommended to compliment this program.  The diet centers on avoiding fats, salts, and sugars, and on eating plenty of raw vegetables and fruits.


1.  The appearance of a second cancer in a different location from the first. 2.  Change in location of a disease or of its manifestations or transfer from one organ or part to another not directly connected.  (The chance of survival after metastasis is practically zero.


Pert.  to metastasis

Microfractionated Chemotherapy (MCT)

Utilizes standard cytotoxic agents at nontoxic levels.  Unlike conventional chemotherapy, MCT produces a slower, constant effect on cells, minimizing damage to the immune system.


See Microfractionated Chemotherapy (MCT)


Is an investigation that employs a microscope.


See Iscador.

Monoclonal Antibodies

Attack tumor antigens in specific cancers and are part of mainstream immunotherapy.


Is a traditional Chinese technique that involves the burning of mugwort-a small spongy herb-to stimulate energy flow and facilitate healing.  The mugwort can be burned directly on the skin or on a moxa stick, which holds the mugwort close to the area being treated.


A glyco-protein found in mucus.