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Pert.  to the folds of tissue on either side of the vaginal opening.

Laetrile (Amygdalin)

Has been used as an anti-cancer agent.  Although it is not a vitamin, this substance is also known as vitamin B17.  Drs. Ernest Krebs Jr. and Sr. did research with amygdalin.  They found that it helped relieve pain and increase appitite, weight, and energy.  Laetrile is used as a part of metabolic therapy that includes a special laetrile diet, and as part of an enzyme therapy that helps open the outer coast of the cancer cell.  Then the cyanide in the laetrile and the bodys own immune system  are said to destroy the cancer cell.  Benzaldalhyde, another component, has been found to help in relieveing pain.

LAK Cells

Or lymphokine activated killer cells, are white blood cells that help to identify and destroy cancer cells in the body.


The surgical opening of the abdomen; an abdominal operation.


Pert.  to the larynx, the vocal cords.


1.  Consisting of lobes or lobules. 2. Pert.  to lobes or lobules. 3.  Resembling lobes.


Containing or divided into loculi, i.e., small cavities.


Disease of the lymph nodes.


A procedure that allows the doctor to look for disease (usually cancer) in the lymph system without having to perform surgery.  A dye, which shows up in X-rays, is injected into the lymphatic vessels at the hands or feet , and a series of X-rays is taken following the path the dye travels.


Of or pert.  to lymph vessels or nodes.


Pertaining to lymphocytes-lymph cells or white blood cells.


A general term for growth of cancer tissue in the lymphatic system.  This group (of cancers) includes Hodgkins Disease, lymphosarcoma, and malignant lymphfoma.


A malignant disease of the lymphatic tissue.  Clinically may be quite similar to Hodgkins Disease.