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(Electrogardiogram) Is a graphical record of cardiac function.  The medical profession commonly refers to it as an EKG.


A picture produced by sound waves.  Echography is the use of ultrasonic technique to obtain a photograph of the echo produced when sound waves are reflected from tissues of different density.


Doctor of Education.


See Chelation Therapy.


See Enhanced external counterpulsation.


See ECG.


Is a computer-controlled device that provides feedback indicating the location of a pathologic condition or area of pain.  It then helps the body heal itself by stimulating the supply of blood and oxygen to the involved area.

Electro-Cancer Treatments.

Also called galvanotherapy, employ galvanic electrical stimulation applied though needles to treat tumors and skin cancers.  To increase the cell-killing power of the treatments, small amounts of chemotherapy agents are sometimes applied to the skin and driven into the tumors during therapy.  The treatments are said to depolarize te cancer cell membranes, causing the tumors to be destroyed.

Electrodermal Skin Cancer

Is an alternative diagnostic tool used to detect skin allergies.  Based on the principles of acupuncture, it uses a computerized galvanometer to measure electrical resistance and polarization at acupuncture points and meridians.


Pert.  to or resembling an embryo.

Enderlein Biological Remedies

Are homeopathic and isopathic remedies developed from fungal cultures by Guenther Enderlein, a German bacteriologist and zoologist.


Pert.  to the endocervix, the lining of the canal of the cervix.


The mucous membrane lining of the inner surface of the uterus.

Energetic Therapy

Includes therapies such as hatha yoga, Qi gong, Tai chi, therapeutic touch, polarity therapy, radionics, and other techniques in which the body plays an active rather than a passive part.

Energy Medicine

Uses acupuncture, therapeutic thouch and other techniques to heal the body though its own natural energies.

Enhanced External Counterpulsation (EECP)

Is a noninvasive technique used to increase the flow of oxygen-rich blood to the heart and thereby reduce the hearts workload.  The technique uses pressure cuffs- which are placed on the legs and gently inflated in sequence- to compress the blood vessels in the legs and force the blood back to the heart.

Enzyme potentiated Desensitization

Uses extremely small doses of allergens to desensitive people from their allergies.  This technique has been found effective in treatment of inhalant, food, and chemical sensitivities, as well as other significant health problems.


Pert. to or composed of epithelium, the covering of internal and external surfaces of the body.


Inflammation of the esophagus.


Is an herbal concoction that has been widely used in Canada as a method of treating cancer.  It is available through specific government approval of individual cases.


The study of the causes of disease.


Is a type of body movement that is said to have healing powers.  Invented by Rudolf Steiner in 1911, it means "harmonious rhythm," and has been compared in form to modern dance.


An act of cutting away or taking out.

Extracorporeal Photochemotherapy (ECP)

See Photopheresis.