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Certified Acupuncturist.


Certified Clinical Nutritionist.


Doctor, Master in Surgery.


Clinical Nurtritionist.


Certified Nutritional Consultant.


An epithelial cell new growth or malignant tumor, enclosed in connective tissue, and tending to infiltrate and give rise to metastases.  Cancer.


Is a phytonutrient product derived from the juice of a Venus Flytrap, and said to support and enhance immune function.

CAT Scan

(Computerized Axial Tomography Scanning) involves the passing of numerous X-rays through the brain to produce a composite three-dimensional picture.


Actions break down complex compounds, taken as food, into simpler compounds.


(Complete Blood Count) Is a test that calculates the number of red and white blood cells per cubic millimeter of blood.


(Carcino-Embryonic Anitgen)  Is a blood test used to determine the presence of cancerous cells.

Cell Therapy

Or cellular therapy, treats a diseased organ with the cells of a corresponding healthy organ.  This consists of periodic injections of live or freeze-dried embryonic cells and tissues into the patients muscular system.  These injected cells are caried to the same type of cells within the body, where they work on the repair and revitalization of that tissue.  Professor Niehans developed this method, which is popular in Europe.  It is used to treat malignant diseases, diabetes, Downs syndrome, osteoporosis, central nervous system disorders, immune deficiency, impotence and sterility, and many other disorders.  The embryonic cells used in the injections are usually removed from a healthy flock of black sheep.

Cellular Immunity

Is a form of cellular defense that identifies certain foreign substances (anitgens) as being harmful to the body.  These foreign agents are then attacked by sensitized T lymphphocytes.


Toward the head; eg., the elbow is 9 to 11inches cephalad (closer to the head) to the wrist.


Is a peptide-based drug used to improve mental function and behavior in Alzheimers disease patients.


1.  Of, pert.  to , or in the region of the neck.  2.  Pert.  to the cervix of an organ, as the cervix uteri.

Cervical Vertebrae

First seven bones of the spinal column.

Cesium Clhoride

Changes the pH of a cancer cell from acid to alkaline, making it difficult for the cell to reproduce and thereby slowing down growth, according to Dr. Keith Brewer.  He says it does this without being toxic to normal cells.

Chelation Therapy (EDTA)

Is a term derived from the Greek "chele," which means to claw or pick up.  The solution contains EDTA (ethylene diamine tetracetic acid), which carries out heavy metals like lead, cadmium, and arsenic, as well as other foreign substances, many of which enter our bodies in our food, in the air, and in our water.  Chelation is the process of surrounding or enclosing a mineral atom with a larger protein molecule.  The purpose is to increase the flow of blood to the vital organs and tissues of the body by reducing calcium deposits in the areries and blood vessels.


Is the treatmeant of disease with chemical agents.

Chondroitin Sulfate

Pioneered in Germany, consists of mucoplysaturates that stimulate blood flow.

Clinical Ecology

Is a banch of medicine focusing on environmentally provoked illnesses.  These illnesses often seem to occur in man-made enviornments.

Coenzyme Q10

Enhances body function by helping remove toxic foreign matter from the blood.

Coffee Enemas

Are said to stimulate the liver to rid itself more effectively of deadly toxins.  They were popularized in cancer treatment by Dr. Max Gerson and are used along with other cancer therapies as well.  They must be prepaired according to certain specifications.

Coley Vaccine (Toxins)

Incites a fever and used in some cancer treatments.


Inflammation of the colon.

Colonic Irrigation

Is a gentle internal washing done by water under a controlled pressure and temperate.


Incision of the colon for purpose of making a more or less permanent fistula between the bowel and the abdominal wall.  A surgical procedure after which the patient has a bowel movement from a hole in the abdomen.


Examination of the fornices of the vagina and cervix uteri.  Examination of female organs by instrument.


The comming together of two structures, as the lips, eyelids, or vocal cords.