So What About Enzymes???
Zinc is the transportation mechanism for laetrile and nitrilosides in the body. Biochemists and researchers have found that you can give Laetrile to a patient until its coming out of the ears of the patient, but, if that patient did not have sufficient level of Zinc, none of the laetrile would get into the tissues of the body. They also found that nothing heals within the body without sufficient vitamin C.

They also found that magnesium, selenium, vitamin A, and B all played an important part in maintaining the body's defence mechanism. This is way its important to understand that cancer is best treated with a total nutritional program consisting of diet, vitamins, minerals, laetrile and pancreatic enzymes


Pancreatic enzymes form the first layer of defence the body has against cancer. The pancreas secretes digestive enzymes which assist the bodies natural defences against cancer cells.

The cancer cell is coated and protected by a protein lining (or covering). When this protein covering is removed it leaves the cancer cell exposed and the body's natural defence Leukocytes (white blood cells) comes into effect killing the cancer cells. If the body is unable to penetrate and break down the protein coating of the cancer cell then the cells will multiply and spread (Metastasise) around the body and various tumours will form as body attempts to isolate the cells from spreading. If you have a low supply of these digestive enzymes then it will be difficult for Laetrile to work.

Therefore it is extremely important we understand the role of these digestive enzymes in the body. Two enzymes in particular which are secreted by the pancreas are Trypsin and Chymotrypsin. These two enzymes have been found to dissolve the protein coating of the cancer cell allowing the body's defences to kill the cancer cells.

So it stands to reason that if we use up the bodies reserves of these two enzymes we will be left defenceless against cancer cells attacking our body. So it makes sense to supply the body with further digestive enzymes (or proteolytic enzymes) which eat away at the protein shell of the cancer cell. Like wise it stands to reason to eliminate any practices that may use up our reserves of these digestive enzymes..........


Animal protein, that is Meat. Red meat, cooked meat, white meat are all forms of animal protein and place an enormous amount of stress on your digestive system. Vegetable protein requires nothing in the way of the enzymes trypsin and chymotrypsin for digestion You see, Digestion is the single most strenuous activity our bodies undergo. It can normally can take between 15 - 70 hours for our stomach to fully digest meat depending on our eating habits. For example, how we combine the foods we eat is important. We should never combine proteins with carbohydrates. Steak and fries, Chicken and pasta, eggs on toast are examples of combining proteins and carbohydrates. This is a big NO NO simply because the body produces 2 types of juices/acids to digest these food types. It produces acids for proteins and alkalis for carbohydrate digestion. When you mix these two they NEUTRALISE each other producing a rotting mass, parts of which in some cases can still be putrefying inside us for up to 70 hours later or more!!! I won't go into the theory and detail of it here and encourage to you to research it for yourself. As a result the digestion activity used for breaking down meat protein depletes the body of its digestive enzymes such as trypsin and chymotrypsin leaving little to no enzymes left to address the bodies first layer of defence when or if cancer begins to form.

So if you are planning to go on Laetrile Nutritional therapy, CUT WAY DOWN ON THE ANIMAL MEAT and remove it totally if possible from your diet otherwise you will be wasting your time. I use to live for meat and ate it in every meal 3 meals a day. Then I accidentally came across some nutritional information on meat which caught my attention. I did some more research for myself because I thought this can't be true because we all eat meat. After a short while researching nutrition I made the choice to become a vegetarian because I want to live and feel healthy. If I can do it so can you !!!!


Firstly by cutting meat from our diets as mentioned above. Secondly by supplementing our bodies with foods rich in proteolytic or digestive enzymes. Both are the same. There are many animal based digestive enzymes but I prefer the natural food based one's. The most popular and widely studied that I could find are Papain which comes from consuming Papaya or Bromelain from consuming Pineapples. It is a very common practice for some people to consume half a pineapple a day when taking laetrile therapy. But for those that are not up to eating half a pineapple a day you may want to supplement your digestive enzyme pool with Bromelain tablets.